Our Mission.

To innovatively build and energise lives. We will achieve this by innovatively applying appropriate renewable energy technologies and their hybrids in meeting the demand of our target market, with respect to the renewable energy resources available on site. Also to be involved in the commercial scale manufacturing of affordable biofuels and other biochemical from renewable and sustainable sources.

Our Vision.

Our vision is to be the most responsible energy provider by sustainably energising our world. To achieve this, we intend to become one of the most reliable and trusted brand in our chosen area of operation.

Who We Are.

Kagend is an integrated and diversified energy company involved in generating, distributing and servicing of renewable energy.

Kagend is made up of two divisions that comprise of Energy and Engineering. Kagend energy is involved in the generation and distribution of distributed electricity, production and distribution of biofuel and biochemical. Kagend Engineering, the energy service division of the firm is involved in the following services: design and installation of both distributed off and on grid sustainable electricity systems, provision of energy efficient solutions for the built environment, energy storage systems and Novel energy project financing consultancy.

Kagend’s Corporate Social Responsibility is operated under the trade name AgriFoodAID, a social enterprise designed for empowering small holder farmers in sub Saharan Africa.